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Welcome to The Interim Doctor App (TIDA) - your cost-effective, time-saving, discreet temporary treatment solution for symptoms of MINOR ailments (illnesses, aches, sexual dysfunction/infection, bites, lost medication, etc.).Use in any venue while retaining the utmost privacy in that we are non-video and non-chat."When you need treatment today; but just can't see the doctor until tomorrow" Namaste & Live Well

Our Story

The Interim Doctor App © (TIDAmed ©) system was conceived in the mind of our founder, Dr. Brian Roper, due to daily impediments in the United States healthcare delivery system.

Concerned that the chasm in our delivery of healthcare was only getting worse with debates and regulations crafted by a group of non-medical legislators and a few non-practicing, politically-influenced physicians; Dr. Roper embarked upon a CURE that only a non-politically influenced, practicing physician could prescribe. He realized that affordable, time-saving healthcare delivery for MINOR ailments in one who is "relatively healthy" could be achieved when the "health insurance" requirement on the client side and the "overhead hurdle" on the clinician side are each diminished or removed. After implementing a successful trial in his private office that significantly reduced wait time and cost to select trial cases; as well as providing time-savings and additional income to his practice; he invested his time and resources into creating the TIDAmed © system.

TIDAmed © a smart device App that can be accessed via free download from iTunes or GooglePlay for iOS or Android devices. It will prove useful and convenient to patients and adult primary care physicians alike; in the temporary treatment of MINOR ailments in the uninsured patient. The after-hours patient, the weekend patient, the traveling patient, the cannot come to the office today patient, the I lost my medication patient; etc,

The Interim Doctor App (TIDA) is the patented/trademarked intellectual property of Physician/Pharmacist, Dr. Brian Roper.

We invite you to view our video and demo.

TIDAmed; Mobile App

Our mobile APP (TIDAmed ©) is a free download from App Store for your Apple/iOS devices and from Google Play for your Android devices. How convenient will it be to always have your doctor in your pocket




So how does theproduct work? 

Step 1

Choose service and make PayPal payment

Step 2

Fill out our quick and easy forms

Step 3

Submit data and wait in virtual exam room

Step 4

Receive exact e-prescription for your treatment

Got Questions?

Upper Respiratory Infection
Allergy Symptoms (eyes, nose, throat)
Ear pain & infections
Erectile dysfunction
Toothache or gum abscess
Urinary tract infection
Neck & Back pain or spasm
Abscess (groin, armpit, etc.)
Minor cuts or abrasions
Minor burns
Mild skin infections (cellulitis, fungal, etc.)
Gastrointestinal illness
Sexually transmitted disease/exposure
Eye infection (conjunctivitis)
Menstrual cramps
Mild fluid retention

Out of range vital signs (see range below)
More than 2 medication allergies
Chest Pain or Cardiac Ailments (will refill lost medication at current dose)
Stroke or new onset paralysis
Acute shortness of breath or anaphylaxis
Puncture wounds
Bleeding (from any orifice or wound)
Drug overdose
Alcohol intoxication
Severe burns
Motor vehicle accidents
Gunshot or stab wounds
Psychiatric illnesses
Lacerations requiring sutures
New Pulmonary embolus, DVT or blood clot (we will refill lost medication at current dose)
Concussions or head trauma
Pregnant or nursing women
Changing/ diminished level of consciousness
Sleep disorder (requiring sleeping pill)
Birth control
Lost medication for condition on our list of not treating above

This service usually will take 2 hours or less; but it may take up to 3 hours to complete